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Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth consultations

Our Telehealth portal enables you to consult your doctor telephonically , via video call using your smart phone, tablet or laptop from the convenience of your home, office or just about anywhere. Telehealth consultations are suitable for minor problems not requiring a physical examination outside of what the doctor can see or hear using video and this is an affordable alternative to traditional in person consultations.

You can book a Telehealth consultation or an In person consultation online through our online booking system. If you are using your mobile device and wish to conduct a video consultation, ensure that you have the latest version of Chrome web browser installed on your device.

Important to Note

  • Telehealth consultations do not replace in person consultations
  • The practitioner may request an in person consultation to reach a diagnosis
  • Telehealth consultations may not be suitable for all health conditions
  • Most medical aids cover telehealth consultations, however, the responsibility for payment remains with the patient
  • By engaging in the telehealth consultation, you acknowledge that you have completed the consent form. Consent Form click here

Recommended web browsers for video consultations

  • For Android, Windows and MacOS devices we recommend using Google Chrome
  • For iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) the Apple Safari web browser is recommended